Connecting your Conversific account with Facebook Business is very easy.

Here is an important distinction though:

A normal Facebook account is not the same as a Facebook Business account. The main difference is that with a Facebook Business account you can create advertisements, campaigns and so on. With a personal Facebook account you can create a page for your business on Facebook and you can boost posts.

You can learn more here.

Back to our original topic. If you want to change the connected Facebook Business account or you would like to connect it later then here is what to do:

Navigate your cursor to the bottom left corner of the screen and open the menu by clicking on the head icon.

Click on Store Settings.

Click on Data Connections and then on Facebook Ads.

First, choose the name of the profile representing your Facebook Profile or connect a new one.

Ordinary profiles will work also if they have access to a Facebook Business profile.

Log in, if needed, or skip to the next step.

In my case I have connected a personal Facebook account here, but this Facebook account has access to many business accounts.

After this, I have chosen the business I want to get connected to this store (this one is called Peerbly).

To make it simpler: You can have many stores, many Google Analytics accounts and many Facebook accounts. It's very important to connect the appropriate accounts collecting data from the same store.

That's all. Don't forget to hit the Save button.

If you did everything correctly the green Connected label is going to light up the settings page.

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