This report will give you every valuable information about your orders (yes, you guessed it) and everything that's connected to an order that could be interesting for you like most preferred order times or order value distribution.

We'll go through everything in detail, but first let's see how the main dashboard looks like.

Main Dashboard

KPIs present

You are probably already familiar with most of these, but let's see what and how they measure.

Orders is the number of orders that were place in a given period.

Total Sales is Net Sales + Shipping and Taxes

Net Sales is Total Sales minus Shipping and Taxes

Average Order Value is Total sales / Number of Orders

Ordered Items is the Number of items that were ordered in a given period

Customers is the number of customers in a given period

1. Orders By

In this module you can see all of your orders listed out by various aspects. The possibilites are not endless (just imagine how cool that would be) but surely you can find something for your liking.

Breakdown by:

  • Sales Channel

  • Marketing Channel

  • Shipping Country

  • Customer Group

  • and lots more

KPIs present

Orders, Total sales, Net sales, AOV, Items (same as ordered items), Customers are explained in the previous chapter.

2. Item Count Distribution

Here you can see the number of items per order in a given period, visualized by a lovely chart. Not much more to explain, let's check it out.

KPIs present

Items in order - Each column is representing a number, which number of items the orders contained.

Number of orders - The height of the columns are representing the number of orders that contained the respective number of items.

3. Order Value Distribution

Pretty similar to the 2. module, but here you can see how many orders you have in each range.

KPIs present

Order total - Each column shows a range, in which your orders are falling into.

Number of orders - The height of the columns are representing the number of orders that are in the range of revenue shown below the chart

4. Order Time Heatmap

This module shows you how your orders spread out throughout each hour of each day of the week. Could be useful for you to plan any events on your sight, based on these pieces of information.

5. Top Coupons

Here you can see your coupons performances. If you click on any of the coupons, you get a list of the orders which used that specific coupon.

KPIs present

Orders with coupon - The total number of orders where the customers used a coupon

Average discount - The average of the discounts your customers used by coupons

Total discount - The total amount of discount given by coupons.

Coupon - The name of the coupon

Orders - The number of orders that used the coupon

Average discount - The average discount value from the orders that used the coupon

AOV - The average order value of the orders that used the coupon

Total sales - The total amount of money coming from the orders that used the coupon. Total sales equals the Net sales plus shipping and taxes

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to our wonderful Support Team by using the purple icon in the bottom right corner.

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