Mmm, Crème de la crème of the world of ecommerce analytics.

Let's cover the basics first:

What is a conversion?

There are a couple of things we can call a conversion, but most of the time we refer to the act when a visitor converts to being a customer by paying for one of our products.

This is why this report is all about how you can produce the most amount of actual sales. Not product views, not additions to the cart, but actual money for your business.

First of all, don't forget to change the time frame to the one you actually want to analyze. You can choose between, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual views or you can go to specific months or weeks also.

Main dashboard

KPIs present

1. Conversion rate - The conversion rate of your store, which shows how efficiently your store converts visitors to customers.

2. Cart abandonment rate - The number of visitors who added at least 1 product into their cart, but left without completing the purchase.

3. Bounce rate - The percentage of visitors turning back and leaving your site, without clicking any other link on your site.

4. Page / session - Average number of pages viewed by visitors in a session.

5. Average time on site - Average time spent on your site by visitors.

6. Page load time - Average load time of your website, shown in seconds.

1. Channel Breakdown

KPIs present

Channel is the name of the marketing channel in question.

You can find the description of other KPIs in this module: Conversion rate, Cart abandonment rate, Bounce rate, Page / session, Average time on site, Page load time in the previous chapter.

2. Purchase funnel

KPIs present

1. All sessions - The number of sessions started on your site.

2. Sessions with product views - The number of sessions where the visitor opened at least one product's page

3. Sessions with add to cart - The number of sessions where the visitor added items to their cart.

4. Sessions with checkout starts - The number of sessions where the visitor initiated the checkout process.

5. Orders - The number of orders your visitors (at this point customers) made.

3. Top landing pages

KPIs present

Landing pages - The page where your visitors entered your store.

Pageviews - The number of pageviews the given landing site had.

Revenue - The revenue generated from this page.

Conversion rate - The conversion rate of the given landing site.

Bounce rate - The rate of the visitors who had left your store and not clicked any more links on the landing page.

4. Best Converting

KPIs present

Revenue - The revenue generated by this product.

Visits - The number of visits this product had.

Conversion rate - The conversion rate of this product.

5. Needs to improve

KPIs present

Revenue, visits, conversion rate as stated above

6. Top Browsers

KPIs present

Browser - The type of browser your visitors used to access your store.

Sessions - The number of sessions each browser had.

Revenue - The revenue generated by the visitors from each browser.

Orders - The number of orders from each browser.

AOV - Average order value from the orders of each browser.

Conversion rate - Conversion rate of each browser.

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