Understanding your customers is a vital part of growing your business.

Who are the people visiting your site, do they use mobile or desktop, how old are they?

You can find answers to question such as these and much more.

This information is key if you want to find the perfect product market fit, create the best value proposition and send the appropriate message for your audience.

Main Dashboard

Why it matters: These KPIs are relevant for understanding how stable is the income your store generates and for how long you can keep your customers happy and spending money.

KPIs present

  1. Customers: All the number of people who have bought from you in the chosen time period.

  2. Repeat Revenue is the ratio of revenue coming from returning customers vs. freshly acquired customers. You should always keep it on a healthy level.

  3. Ordered items is the number of items that were ordered in a given period.

  4. Average Order Value is the average amount of money customers spent in your store for the given time period. Improving this KPI by itself results in more revenue without generating more traffic, improving conversion rate, decreasing cart abandonment. So it is quite important to keep an eye on.

  5. Lifetime value is an estimate which tells you how much money a single customer is going to take out of their pocket and leave with you in their lifetime, altogether.

  6. Lifetime Orders / Customer is the average orders per customer since the launch of the web store. Improving this means (more or less) stable income for a longer time.

1. New / Returning

Why it matters: There is a big difference between your returning and new visitors. You should be aware of the difference of these KPIs coming from different groups of customers.

KPIs present

  1. Number of Customers is the total numbers of customers of each category

  2. Average Order Value - discussed in the previous section.

  3. Total Spend is the amount of money these customers spent in a given period.

  4. Orders is the number of orders the new / returning customers had in a given period.

  5. Ordered Products is the total number of products ordered in a given period by new / returning customers.

  6. Gross Profit is the Total Sales coming from these customers minus the total Cost of Goods Sold.

  7. Gross Margin is the amount that your business earns from the sale of its proucts. It's the Total Sales minus Cost of Goods Sold divided by the Total Sales.

Tip: Returning customers have higher conversion rate and average order value. Take care of your newly acquired customers so they become returning customers (they spend more and they are easier to sell to because you have already earned their trust) :)

2. Champions Of The Period

Why it matters: Here you can see your most revenue generating customers in the given period. This helps you create special campaigns and offers based on these details.

KPIs present

Total spend - The total amount of money this customer spent in the given period.

AOV - The average order value from this customer in the given period.

Orders - The number of orders by this customer in the given period.

3. Breakdown by

Why it matters: In this module you can see the customers' statistics by different filters (such as Customer group, Shipping country etc.).

KPIs present

Customers, Repeat revenue %, Ordered items, Average order value, Lifetime value, Lifetime orders/customers are all defined in the main dashboard.

Now you know everything there is to know about the Customer Report. Nothing can stop you from digging deep into the insights coming from your Customers.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to the Support Team by using the purple icon in the bottom right corner.

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