You always wanted to see all the important KPIs in one place? You were curious to see a more detailed breakdown of your ads' performance? We have just the thing for you. Get familiar with our brand new Dashboard which was created for solely this purpose.

Main Dashboard

KPIs present:

  • Net Sales -> Gross Sales - Refunds - Discounts - Sales Taxes. Includes the shipping fees paid by your customers.

  • Ad Spend / Net Sales -> Advertising to sales ratio measures the effectiveness of your ads.

  • Gross Profit -> Net Sales - Operating Costs. The Operating Costs include COGS, Ad Spend, Shipping&Handling Fees, Transaction Costs.

  • Orders -> The number of succesful orders your customers have made in the store.

  • AOV -> Average Order Value. Total Sales/Orders.

  • Sessions -> A session begins with a landing page view when the user enters your domain/website and it continues until they ultimately leave your site. You can think of it as a visit although one visitor can have multiple sessions. This data is coming from Google Analytics.

  • Conversion rate -> Number of orders / Sessions. Shows you how efficient your store is in converting visitors to customers.

1. Expense Breakdown

Here you can see a detailed breakdown of your expenses by category with a lovely diagram visualization. Move your mouse over any section of the diagram to see which category it represents.

2. Ad Spend Breakdown

This module is all about your ads and their performance. You can see KPIs like never before in Conversific, to really get the most information about your ads.

KPIs present:

  • Net Sales from Ads -> Net Sales generated by Ads.

  • Ad Spend -> The amount you've spent on running your Ads.

  • ROAS -> Return on Ad Spend. Net Sales / Ad Spend, will tell you how much dollar you've earned after each dollar spent (change dollars to any currency in the sentence if you use a different one)

  • Orders from Ads -> Shows how much orders have been generated by Ads.

  • Ad Spend / Order -> Tells you how much generating an order by Ads costs.

  • Session from Ads -> Tells you the number of visits to your store coming from Ads.

  • Conversion rate of Ads -> Shows what rate of visitors coming from Ads turn into customers.

3. Yearly Progress

You can set up and track your financial goal for the current year.
Based on how much time passed since the beginning of the year, and where you want to be on the last day of December we calculate where you should be on any day of the year.

The progression bar is red if the money you've collected so far is below the amount you should have got already, and green if you've reached or even went past it.

You can set the goal to be:

  • Gross Sales

  • Net Sales

  • Gross Profit

  • Net Profit

Hope you find this brand new Dashboard really helpful. If you have any questions, feedbacks or ideas about how we can make it better for your needs, please let us know via the chat icon in the bottom right corner, or via email at

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