It happens that for various reasons you decide to cancel your active subscription. Don't worry, it can be done in a few clicks.

!IMPORTANT! Always cancel the subscription manually. Almost every subscription renews automatically until you cancel, so if you do it yourself when you decide you don't want to use the Pro features anymore, you can save yourself the inconvenience and a possible unwanted charge.

First of all click on the circular profile icon in the bottom left corner, and then Subscription.

On the next page, simply choose Cancel Subscription and then confirm your decision on the pop up.

After this the page should refresh, you'll see that you are on the Free plan (except on trial, the trial will finish and you'll be placed on the Free plan afterwards).

If by any chance this doesn't happen and you don't succeed in cancelling your subscription, please leave a message via chat or via email to as soon as possible so our staff can assist you and avoid any further inconvenience.

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