In Conversific you have the option to dig really deep with the data and get a whole lot of important information.

In this article you are going to get familiar with the Lists page and the ways of adding custom filters and even saving these custom filters as a list for further conveniences.

First, navigate to the Lists page and select any of the segments (Customer, Product, Order, Categories) that you'd like to break down. You'll already see some pre-created segments which filter the data by a certain attribute and on the top of the page under the name of the segment you can see a short description of that given segment.

In this tutorial, let's take a look at the Products segment. By default, you'll see the "All active" segment, which means all of the products that have been ordered at least 1 time in the selected time period.

You can filter any other segment as well, but those already have some kind of filter applied, so this has the most products included.

Let's take a look at the first few products. I'd like to filter the products which have sold in an overall quantity more than 50.

We can see on the picture above that some will fit the criteria but some won't.

To apply a filter click on the "Add filter" button between the table of products and the description of the segments.

We'll select "Ordered items" and set the amount for greater than 50 and then click "Add filter".

After applying the filter, the table will refresh and you'll see only the products that fit the criteria set.

To delete a filter simply click the X icon to the right of it, or you can modify the criteria (to say the number of ordered products are lower than 30) by clicking on the filter.

You can also save these filters as a segment you can see on the left hand side created by us, so the next time you just click that and the filters automatically load. Saving you a few clicks and some time.

To do this, click on "Save as custom segment", on the pop up window add a name, and click "Save".

That would be all, if you take a look at the Lists page you will see that there are lots of options to filter your data.

If you have any suggestions regarding these filters or you have any feedback, experience any troubles please let us know via chat or via email on

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