Expenses are key metrics when calculating overall profit of your store. Since there are various types of expenses, not everything will come through from the connected data sources. Such as employe salaries, one time analytical charges, recurring software fees etc.

The Custom Expenses feature allows you to add a huge variety of expenses, being fixed or variable.

To find your custom expense settings, click on the circular icon in the bottom left corner, then Store settings and choose Custom Expenses.

First we are going to take a look at the Fixed Expenses. These are the expenses that can be a one time charge (logo design) or which are recurring and staying the same for a long period of time (warehouse rent). Setting up a Variable expense is really similar.

Click on Add Fixed Expense button and you'll see a pop up window to set up the charge. The settings are the following:

  • Recurrence: Pretty self explanatory. When does the charge repeat? Can be One time, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly.

  • Status:

    • Active: This is an active expense, that will show up in your Profit report continously with the set recurrence.

    • Ended: The expense was recurring for some time, but it's not an active expense anymore

    • Active with End Date: The expense is currently active, but you already know the date when it will stop.

  • Name: A custom name by you can identify the expense.

  • Category: You can select a category that best represents the expense.

  • Calculated per:

    • Time schedule: The expense is calculated with a time schedule

    • Order: Calculated with every order. Can be a certain amount or a % of the orders.

  • Amount: This is the fixed or % amount of the given expense.

  • First payment: The first date the expense appeared.

Other possible parameters:

  • Payment Date: This will appear when you select a One Time charge.

  • Last Payment: Available with recurring charges that have the Ended or Active with End Date statuses.

  • Accounting schedule: Available with Weekly, Monthly and Yearly recurring charges. This means where the charge shows in your account. Can be the first day, last day or spread across the chosen recurrance interval.

That should be it for the expenses. Any expense you add here you can view in your Profit report's P&L module or on your Dashboard's Expense breakdown.

If you have any questions or suggestions please let us know via char or via email on help@conversific.com

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