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Peter Meleska
Written by Peter Meleska

How to set up Demographic Tracking?

Demographics and Interest Reports make Age, Gender and Interest data available, so that you can understand better who your users are.

Log in to your Google Analytics account, and go to Admin settings, then go to Property Settings.

In your Property Settings just turn on the Enable Demographics and Interest Reports  and click on save.

You can't find this button? (Google Signals)

There's a new function inside Google Analytics called Google Signals.

Currently this feature is still in beta version, but over time it is going to be the successor of the demographic tracking. 

With it you are able to track even more details than just with the standard demographics tracking, such as, cross platform behavior audience vise.

For example if people tend to just check out your pages on Mobile and make the purchase on Desktop etc.

If you've already enabled this that's cool. Nice job. You have more data and data is coming in to Conversific.

Note: The warning to enable demographic tracking may still be shown for some time before it disappears. No need to worry about it. 

If you haven't enabled it I would highly recommend doing so.

You can do this by navigating to Audience / Cross Device from inside Google Analytics and click on Activate Google Signals and you are done.

With this tracking you will understand the type of people that are visiting your site and will tell you if your efforts to market to your target audience are working or not.

Once you do this, you’ll be able to access data such as:

User ages

User genders

Affinity categories that take into consideration user lifestyles

Other categories that expand on affinity categories and are based on the content users consume.

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